Mindful Living

Blue Lotus is the umbrella for a number of different activities related to Mindfulness and Mindful Living:

Like you, we have a strong desire to be at peace and science confirms what the ancients always knew,  that this is possible through meditation and mindfulness. It is very easy to allow our emotions and feelings to overwhelm us and we know that we attach all sorts of stories to our feelings so that the imagination embellishes the narrative we create to the point where we make ourselves ill.

Thoughts have an energy of their own and we are so busy with our lives that we disregard our feelings and the ways in which the body manifests these feelings. We seek medical help because we develop a variety of symptoms such as a skin complaint like psoriasis or urticaria, or we endure ceaseless headaches, we develop aches and pains, we get ulcers in the duodenum or stomach or we simply feel permanently exhausted. So we seek out a doctor to have the symptoms of our condition treated. We are prescribed pills and potions but as the underlying cause is not addressed, nothing changes.

Mindfulness helps us to examine the causes of our malaise and do something about it.